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Vitamin Shots

B-12, Vitamin D, Zinc, Glutathione, B complex Vitamins, MIC, Vitamin C, B-Blend, Tri-immunity Booster


Vitamin Injection booster shots

Push the limits and give your body a boost . Our vitamin injections are a quick fix.  A quick injection takes about 20 minutes of your day.  Booster vitamin shots have a 100% absorption rate.  Give your immune system a boost to restore essential vitamins & minerals. Our vitamin injections will help you on your journey to preventative health & wellness.  

Go on and give yourself the gift of a vitamin boost. Book your vitamin injection today and feel the Fusion! 


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B-Complex & B-12 for energy, skin, Increased RBC production, Anemia, Low energy and more. 1 mL of each



For nausea & vomiting.  We have IM, IV or Sublingual available.



For pain & inflammation.  We have IM, IV or oral pills available.


Vitamin C

Wonderful antioxidant, helps with free radicals, and gives an  immunity boost. Price is per 5 Grams.


B Complex (B1,2,3,5,6)

Helps combat fatigue, energy, immunity, and helps with skin health.




Quick energy boost  to help Increase RBC production and protect nerves.  We have IV, IM and pills available.


B-12 high dose

Energy bump, metabolism enhancer.  IV, IM & pills available.



Skinny shot

MIC injection that helps as a fat burner & assists in weight loss.


Weekend warrior

B-12 & B Complex (B1,2,3,5,6).  Helps combat fatigue, give you energy & gets you ready for big events. 1.5 mL of each



Boost your immune system, healing & reduce illness.  IV, IM and pills.



Prevent free radicals, defy age & increase immunity.  Recommended weekly.  Price is for per 400 mg.  


Vitamin D injection

Great for bone health, immunity.  Each injection is 50,000 IU/ML.



Relief from allergies, itching, colds, runny nose, dizziness Each injection is 25 mg/ml.  IV, IM, by mouth.