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Rapid Testing & Lab work & $75‚Äč

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At Fusion, we offer Point of Care testing and Blood Tests. 


Rapid Tests:  

Rapid COVID-19 testing,  Rapid Strep Test, Pregnancy Testing, Rapid Flu Test, & UTI Testing


Blood Tests:  CBC, CMP, B-12, Iron, Ferritin, Electrolytes,  Hormones (Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone), G6PD, Hemoglobin A1C, Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Vitamin D, Thyroid panel, Sedimentation rate, CRP, High Sensitivity Cardiac CRP, Rheumatoid test, Prolactin, Mono, BRCA 1&2, HIV, HSV, Syphilis, Hep A, B, C, Lyme disease, & other testing available upon request.   Pricing discussed after lab evaluation.  

A blood draw is required in our Clinic.  Price depending on testing ordered.

These rapid tests & blood screening services help you take control of your life & make choices that are right for you & your lifestyle.