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Men's Health

Testosterone replacement therapy. Hormone blood testing. STD evaluations. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) help.  

We have medications for Testosterone replacement or ED with pellets, pills, or injections. 

Schedule a confidential consultation today via telemedicine or in our private healthcare clinic.

Prescriptions and referrals are provided plus any additional testing and medications.

Andropause:  "Low T" low testosterone, male menopause.  

As men age, their bodies produce less and less testosterone.  This lack of hormones can lead to several symptoms many men accept as the "normal aging process."  Many men do not realize that testosterone replacement therapy can significantly reduce or nearly eliminate these symptoms. 

Testosterone declines around 30 yo when body production drops by 1-2% yearly.  

Please look at Testosterone therapy solutions and see how they can benefit you today.